In the height of COVID for long periods of time face to face interviews became a thing of the past; and when they did happen everyone had to get accustomed to breaking the usual interview etiquette of shaking hands whilst adhering to strict social distancing.

Very quickly businesses moved to online technology and platforms such as Teams, Zoom and similar products to complete initial interview processes. Overall this seemed to provide an interim solution however it hasn’t been without its downfalls.

Poor internet connections, some people being uncomfortable with technology and limitations on getting a ‘feel’ for each other have all been flagged as concerns over digital interviewing. Since restrictions were eased over 90% of the businesses we have spoken to would prefer to complete interviews face to face, and over 80% of candidates would also prefer face to face meetings which rises to over 95% when the client is able to interview outside working hours which means no impact on their current role.


Where remote technology has also helped is around Hybrid and Remote working. With more and more businesses now adopting some form of hybrid working model platforms such as Teams and Zoom have allowed for remote meetings and even team quizzes and weekly catch ups to ensure there was still a ‘team culture’ within the company.

Interestingly in recent months there seems to be a real divide on using technology to compliment hybrid working and remote interviewing. Yes, the technology is now in place and is proven to work, however there is also a rise in more people wanting to be back in the office, and employers insisting on recruiting and interviewing face to face.

2023 is likely to see more and more businesses reviewing the way they operate, but no doubt the technology that has worked well over the last few years is definitely here to stay, in what capacity still remains to be seen.



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