So with more and more people looking to take advantage of this rise we have outlined the 3 key factors which are driving this change:

1. Remote and Hybrid working has meant businesses have been looking for individuals that have the capabilities to manage their own workload whilst working from home. For these individuals businesses appreciate they need to pay a premium to attract them from their current place of work. 

2. Lack of available candidates has increased demand with businesses competing for the same small pool of individuals. This has resulted in over 92% of candidates having 3 or more job interviews taking place at any one time, with 70% of candidates receiving more than one offer of employment.

3. Counter offers – With a lack of good people in the market over 75% of people that hand in their notice are receiving counter offers. These counter offers are driving up basic salaries which in turn are driving up what competitors are having to pay to attract the best people.


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