On one hand, a progressive career within 1 business shows dedication and loyalty, however on the other hand, many others leave a business when their employer doesn’t recognize their hard work.

Those people who don’t feel recognized within a business, are the one’s who will leave in search of it.

You’d be surprised the impact a coffee card or maybe some flowers could have on an employee. A small gesture, goes a long way in business.

Day in, day out, we see incredible candidates, who don’t feel valued in their roles.

  • Ask yourself, What costs a business more, an Oat Milk Latte on a rainy monday morning or recruiting, training and maintaining a replacement for “they’ll never leave, they love it here”
  • The next time you are recruiting, remember, Tina 12 jobs could bring a wealth of experience and passion with her, so don’t rule her out.

To keep it simple, employees should receive recognition for their effort & success, regardless of the length of their tenure at a business.

Recognize, promote, celebrate where necessary, oh and It’s your business, so why not shout about it.

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