World Mental Health Week - Anxiety

In recruitment we deal with a wide caliber of candidates whom each over the years have shared their stories of when anxiety has taken over, ahead of an interview.

And we agree, there is nothing worse than feeling anxious when you really need to be on top form.

“What if I say something silly”

“What if they don’t like me”

“What if I’m not as good as I believe I am”

You think it, we know just how to deal with it.

Our top tips on how to avoid interview anxiety

1, Make sure you arrive a good 20 minutes before your interview, allow plenty of travel time (buses, trains and traffic are all unpredictable).

2, Once you arrive at your destination, make sure you head on over to the reception area and let them know you have arrived.

3, You can either head over to the waiting area or use this time to pop to the lavatory to freshen up.

4, Ensure you have done a good amount of research on the company you are due to meet. Interviewers will tend to ask you what you know about the company, so it is a great idea to be prepared.

5, Do a quick recap on your CV, refresh your memory on previous roles you have worked.

6, A firm handshake means confidence!

7, Be sure to make notes of anything you wish to ask the interviewer about the role, remember an interview isn’t just about them meeting you, its about you meeting the company and assessing whether you could see yourself working there.

8, Be yourself, be honest, but not too honest.


If you’re ever unsure or feeling overwhelmed, reach out.


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