With January almost over this year is already showing businesses are gearing up for change. So we have pulled together our own observations from the first month of 2024; and tied it with research on the internet to put together our top five workplace predictions for the rest of this year.

A lot of these are ‘Hot Topics;’ and they offer some useful insights to business owners or employees on expected trends for 2024.

AI Here To Help

OK so it’s not quite ready to take over the world, but nobody can deny that the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of the workplace – and in 2024 you can expect to see a LOT more of it.

AI is already claiming to be streamlining processes, boosting efficiency and enabling better decision-making. But in 2024 it’s expected to be widely used by companies to help with everything from inclusivity, training, upskilling staff and worrying for us recruiting!

A recent article posted by the BBC highlights this and breaks down how AI will make a positive impact in the workplace in 2024.

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Hybrid Working

What we thought was unsustainable post-covid is definitely here to stay – we are of course talking about hybrid working.

With huge competition between companies for top talent we have seen first hand that anyone not offering hybrid is at a massive disadvantage. This year we are expecting to see firms almost forced to offer even more flexibility; with an unbelievable 47% of job hunters recently surveyed explaining their motivation for moving was a better hybrid model.

It’s not great reading for the handful of employers that are trying to encourage their staff to spend more time in the office!

Click the link below to read more about the survey:

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Employee Experience & Wellbeing

Last year this topic really gathered some momentum, and by the end of 2023 it was something businesses were using to promote themselves, and job seekers were looking for as part of the criteria for their next move.

In early 2024 we have already noticed a surge in organizations implementing well-being programs and flexible work arrangements; so rather than this being a trend we are expecting to see this being permanently implemented to most business.

An article from Business Leader (below) posted in October last year suggested that looking at employee wellbeing could not only improve their mood in the workplace, but make them better at their job too….we call that win win!

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Upskilling Employees

Following the ‘Great Resignation’ in 2023; businesses quickly realised that the only way to retain their staff and bridge the skills shortage was through internal training – investing in a whopping 29 million hours in the process.

Having been ‘caught short’ last year businesses seem determined to not be in that position again, and we have seen a growing emphasis on training programs and continuous learning initiatives to ensure staff aren’t left behind. This is something you will see a lot more of in 2024 as highlighted in this article.

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Sustainable Working Practices

It wasn’t too long ago that sustainable or eco friendly work space was a niche; with only a small audience that genuinely considered it important.

However that has changed, and sustainable business practices are now taking centre stage in the UK workplace. We have witnessed an increase in clients seeking out more environmentally friendly workspaces and looking at solutions to reduce their carbon footprint, and employees steering towards companies that are championing an eco friendly set up.

This combined with the UK government’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 is influencing businesses to adopt greener practices – so expect to see and hear a lot more about that this year.

An outstanding example of this is in our neighbouring city of Salford where there is one the UK’s most sustainable office buildings featuring “Europe’s largest living wall”.

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In our opinion 2024 will be another year of change; and as we navigate the evolving landscape of work these trends underline the importance of adaptability and foresight.

No matter what happens and how things adapt Platinum Recruitment remains committed to connecting skilled professionals with forward-thinking organizations at the forefront of these changes.

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