So in this month’s blog we explore how the dynamic of women in recruitment has changed, alongside some of the challenges they still face. Without doubt women have played a crucial role in helping to drive the growth and development of the recruitment industry in the UK. In fact at Platinum almost 70% of our employees are now women, with 25% of these in senior positions; highlighting a significant shift in the dynamic of our business over the last decade.

Women In Recruitment

Traditionally perceived as a ‘Boy’s Club’, the recruitment industry has undergone a huge shift with the increasing presence of women. Of course there are still challenges but that’s the same for any industry; however progress is obvious with nearly half of all recruitment consultants in the UK now women according to a report by Women in Recruitment. However there is still a considerable gender disparity in senior leadership positions, with a third of recruitment firms having less than 5% female representation at board level.

Speaking to Rebecca Ackerley who joined Platinum 10 years ago as a graduate and now operates as a Director she has seen first hand the change in attitudes towards women in the sector.


“There has been a huge shift, and definitely for the better. The industry used to be stereotyped for being full of loud, pushy and aggressive salesman. Thankfully that has changed and it’s attracted a different profile of person, including women that see it is a career that can work around commitments they have outside of work – long gone are the days of working late and being peer pressured to the pub!”

The Work-Life Balance Struggle

Historically recruitment was well known for ‘burning the candle at both ends’ – making it really difficult for anyone to achieve a work-life balance. This did create a challenge for women who were trying to juggle professional responsibilities with caregiving duties; which put a lot off the sector. However more recent flexible working arrangements such as remote working and parental leave have enabled women to advance in their careers without sacrificing life outside of work.

Rebecca commented:

“Giving the freedom of remote working and the flexibility on starting and finishing times has opened up the doors for more women moving into the industry. At Platinum we have 3 working mums (5 if you include dog mums!). All of which wouldn’t be here if we were still fully office based.”

The Future

As the recruitment landscape continues to evolve so do opportunities for women. Technological advancements, shifting job markets, and changing workplace dynamics present new avenues for growth and innovation. And with more women heading into senior roles mentorship programmes will play a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of female leaders, ensuring their continued success in the industry.


With the workforce at Platinum already dominated by females and 50% of our leadership team also being represented by women, Platinum is already benefiting from the recent shift in dynamics.

However, there is still work to be done in the wider market. Recruitment firms must commit to gender equality and diversity by implementing inclusive hiring practices, conducting gender pay audits, and investing in leadership development programs for women. By fostering an environment of equal opportunity and inclusion, the industry can unlock the full potential of its female talent pool and drive sustainable growth and success.

Finally A Shout Out To The Women At Platinum

We have some amazing women in our business leading the way and driving our company forward. With huge growth plans over the next 12 months one thing is for sure, they will be playing an instrumental role in helping us to get there.

Platinum Ladies we would be lost without you.

Thank you.


Click here to visit the International Women’s Day website to find out more.

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